If you want to jump linguistic hurdles…

I can help you if you want to

  • speak your business partner's language.
  • establish a strong international market presence.
  • improve your communication skills and your negotiating position.
  • use consistent, clear language and create error-free, natural-sounding written materials.

The most effective way to reach your foreign customers is to use their native language. This gives you a decisive edge in international competition, prevents misunderstandings, and reduces costs. I can support you as you build business relationships based upon trust and professionalism, and can provide you with stylistically accurate and technically precise translations!

One example of my translation specialization:
Equestrian sports

One of my areas of translation specialization is equestrian sports. I have combined many years of experience in translating specialized texts with my extensive knowledge of equestrian competitions, equine law, horse husbandry and care, and other related topics.

Many matters involving equestrian sports, from court cases to sporting events, take place in international venues in Europe, the USA, and around the world. Without appropriate linguistic knowledge or the support of a professional language services provider, such matters can be very difficult or even impossible to handle properly. I can provide the expertise you need for these issues and a wide range of others, including retail/wholesale of horse-related products, participation in horse breeding or foreign shows, product imports or exports involving the German market, organizing international events, and settling legal disputes.

My areas of translation specialization


• Contracts

• Commercial register entries

• Court rulings

• Licenses

• Deeds


• Annual reports

• Monthly/quarterly reports

• Market reports

• Fund prospects



• Legal texts and contracts

• Presentations, brochures, marketing materials

• Press releases

• Product descriptions

• Scientific articles

* Incl. equestrian sports, equine law, horse keeping, equine health, event management…

Other language services

• Revision, editing,

proofreading and evaluation

My background

Degree in Translation (Diplom-Übersetzerin) Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Köln), 1988. Languages:

English and French

Independent language services provider since 1996


University-educated translator for English and French 
Native speaker of German
Ongoing professional training 
Certificate “Revision" and "Evaluation" (BDÜ)

"The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." 

Mark Twain